New Development Release: Qdig 20040421

Consider this "Qdig 1.2.0pre", because if there are no "surprises" it will become the next stable release once the documentation is broght up to date. This release includes the new feature for editing captions on-the-fly.


Compared to Qdig 1.1.2, the major differences are

  • The new Admin link that allows you to edit captions directly from the image display page.
  • Improved default behavior and compatibility for Win32
    • On Win32, GD is now preferred over over IM rather than the other way around. This will improve chances that the script will Just Work without any configuraton.
    • There's a new $compat_quote compatibility setting that will help make `convert' Just Work on 2000 and XP (but not on Win98).
  • The qdig-camera icon is now base64 encoded and embedded directly into the script.
  • Some code refinements, including reducing the number of redundant conditional testing.
  • The debugging messages are expanded to include information about directories. $debug_mode is renamed to $debugging_messages.


Added some debugging messages to help determine if the user has followed the instructions for establishing the writable tree or not.
Renamed $debug_mode to $debugging_mesgs to mitigate perception of "bugs".
Code cleanup. Changed Admin-link code to a adminLink() function.

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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