New Stable Release: Qdig 1.2.0

This is a major update to the script compared to Qdig 1.1.3. There's one main new feature that allows you to add image captions quickly and easily. Most other changes are incremental improvements.


Compatibility with Win32 should be better, and the default settings are more likely to Just Work on that platform now.


  • Released the qdig-devel release 20040318 as Qdig 1.2.0. Here are the changes relative to Qdig 1.1.3:
  • Embedded the icon directly into the script.
  • Added an option to put qdig-camera now-embedded icon in DirNav links.
  • Stopped using array_key_exists() function to improve compatibility.
  • Changed the Sensible Default image conversion method for Win32 to GD.
  • Added compatibility setting to add extra "s to exec() commands on Win32.
  • Code Cleanup. Removed some redundant code.
  • Added a link on a page to its corresponding admin.php caption-edit page. This is a significant new feature for Qdig.
  • Adapted admin.php so it returns to the image display page.
  • Code cleanup of admin.php (single-quotes to double-quotes, etc.).
  • Added some debugging messages to help determine if the user has followed the instructions for establishing the writable tree or not.
  • Renamed $debug_mode to $diag_messages to mitigate perception of "bugs".
  • Code cleanup. Changed Admin-link code to a adminLink() function.
  • Updated the documentation to prepare for a stable release.
  • Improved/debugged integration between index.php and admin.php.

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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