New Stable Release: Qdig 1.2.1

This release improves compatibility, with some tweaks to the default behavior and new settings for adapting to some server peculiarities. There are also improvements in the language settings.


This is a minor update from Qdig 1.2.0. If your Qdig 1.2.0 gallery is working well, there's no compelling reason to upgrade.


  • Added an image counter language setting for 'of' in "x of n" counters.
  • Added a new Server Compatibility setting that inserts a Cache-Control <meta> tag to avoid repeated reloading of thumbnail images on certain servers.
  • Got rid of is_executable check due to incompatibility with some servers and simplified the code that checks for Image Magick or GD and picks one.
  • Added some HTML header Language Settings (language code and character set).
  • Fixed / improved the diagnostic messages.
  • Changed <font> tags into <span> tags for improved XHTML compatibility.
  • Added a setting to set a full URL to the admin.php script.
  • Improved code that determines the name of the $qdig_files "top directory" so it doesn't appear as a gallery directory if it's in a $chroot_dir directory.

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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