New Development Release: Qdig 20040618

This relesase includes some new features and lots of code cleanup. It can be considered Qdig 1.2.3pre because it will be released as the next stable release once there has been sufficient testing.


This release was based on Qdig 1.2.1 rahther than the previous beta release in order to be more careful and deliberate about adding the few features that were different between those two.


  • Improved checkForUpdir() and urlPath() functions.
  • Fixed bug in adminLink() function that broke the link. (Sorry that happened.)
  • Added a diagnostic message to show dirname($php_self).
  • Added an option to omit the image profile data from converted images, which reduces the image file's size, sometimes dramatically. It's disabled by default due to possible server compatibility issues.
  • Created a new Security Exit function named securityExit() (oddly enough).
  • Created a language setting for the security exit message ("Security Violation"). The message is now displayed, rather than hidden in an HTML comment.
  • Added new $extra_paranoia setting to disallow '..' in file and directory names.
  • Various other code cleanup with special attention to security.
  • Added a new capability to ignore directories by including their names in a list.
  • Added a setting to use a tiled background image.
  • Added descriptions to security violations to help debugging.
  • Added a check for pathnames (Qwd=) that start with '..'.
  • Yet more code cleanup.

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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