New Development Release: Qdig 20040623

This release includes refinements of the previous development release, with intent to move toward the next stable release soon.


  • You can now have a list of image filenames to ignore.
  • You can now have a subdirectories-only gallery even if there are images in the root (Main) directory by telling the script to ignore those images.
  • You can now ignore files and/or images that start with '.'.


  • Added an array (list) where you can put image names that you want to ignore. This way you can ignore icons, etc. that are in gallery directories.
  • Added a setting to ignore all the image in the root (Main) gallery directory.
  • Added settings to ignore files/directories that start with '.'.
  • Fixed $extra_paranoia bug that always caused an error exit.

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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