New Stable Release: Qdig 1.2.3

This release has quite a few changes compared to Qdig 1.2.2, but all of them are minor changes.


If your Qdig 1.2.x gallery is working well, there's no compelling reason to upgrade. See the changes below to determine if there are any new features you want to try.

To those who tested the qdig-devel releases, especially release 20040623: Thank you!


Merged qdig-devel 20040623:

  • Added an option to sort image links by date.
  • Added a setting to specify a background image.
  • Profile data may be stripped from converted images to reduce file size.
  • Security violations now produce informative message output rather than the old way (a blank page with an HTML comment).
  • A maximum number of characters in an image name and / or pathname may be set.
  • There's a new $extra_paranoia setting, which increases sensitivity to '..' within filenames and pathnames.
  • There are new options to ignores "dotfiles" and "dotdirs", which are files and directories that start with '.'.
  • You may enable a Cache-Control HTML header tag and specify the expiration time for certain servers that cause thumbnail images to be repeatedly reloaded.
  • You can specify directory names that will be ignored as gallery directories.
  • You can specify image names that will not be displayed in galleries.
  • There's a new setting to ignore images in the root (Main) directory, which forces a subdirectories-only gallery.
  • You can specify extra parameters in URLs generated by Qdig, which can sometimes be useful for an embedded gallery.
  • Plenty of code cleanup: Streamlined urlPath() function. Removed splitPath() function. Security improvements. Optimization.

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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