New Stable Release: Qdig 1.2.3

This release has just a few minor changes compared to Qdig 1.2.3.


If your Qdig 1.2.x gallery is working well, there's no compelling reason to upgrade. See the changes below to determine if there are any new features you want to try.

To those who tested the qdig-devel releases, especially release 20041117: Thank you!


  • Improved INSTALL.txt.
  • Added a setting to admin.php for specifying the location of the Qdig script.
  • Improved admin.php Win32 compatibility.
  • Added a $caption_nl2br setting to automatically insert <br /> tags in captions.
  • Improved reverse-sorting behavior of subdirectories.
  • Improved XHTML compliance.
  • Added capability to break out of a frameset. It's enabled by default.

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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