New Development Release: Qdig 20041129

This release is similar to Qdig 1.2.4, but there's a new setting to convert thumbnails on-the-fly. This release includes improved implementation of the new feature, and will be morphed into release 1.2.5 after some testing.


This releas is s similar to Qdig 1.2.4, but there's a new feature that was contributed by Robin Rainton (raintonr). Thanks Robin!

A new setting, $thmb_onfly, allows thumbnail images to be generated 'on the fly'. This means a gallery page that will have newly-converted thumbnail images can appear more quickly now, and the new thumbnail images appear one-by-one as they are generated. This improves the user experience and averts a pesky "Maximum execution time of XX seconds exceeded" error, which could happen when there are lots of thumbnails to convert.

This release has some bug fixes compared to yesterday's. Hopefully it's stable enough to release as Qdig 1.2.5 with little or no modification.


  • Added code to disable thmb_onfly when gallery is not stand-alone. Qdig needs to be requested directly for it to work (because headers are already sent).
  • Fixed bug so now thumbs-on-fly work when $cnvrt_thmb['single'] is FALSE.

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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