New Development Release: Qdig 20041207

This release has the new setting to convert thumbnails on-the-fly and a couple of other minor new features and improvements. This release will become Qdig 1.2.5 once enough people have tried it out. Give it a try.


This release was supposed to just have bug fixes and code cleanup compared to the previous beta release, but a few minor new features snuck in. (They do that.)

This release will become Qdig 1.2.5 after a bunch of people have downloaded it and given it a try. Really. I mean it this time. Seriously. I'm almost 99% sure, anyway.

Internet Explorer 6's image toolbar seems to bug some people. It's suppressed by default now. (Stand-alone Qdig)

You can now place a logo on stand-alone gallery pages. If you just enable it, the little camera icon appears in the lower-right corner. You can use any image as a logo, and you can place it elsewhere on the page if you want.

The logo image's name is excluded from being part of a gallery. The same goes with a tiled background image. This allows your galleries to be more self-contained because you can put the background image within the gallery tree now.

There are quite a few minor changes that will improve XHTML compliance, even if only slightly. All stand-alone pages seem to validate now according to (no small feat, as it turns out). Please report to the forums if you find otherwise.

Of course, this release has the new (since the last stable release) feature that was contributed by Robin Rainton (a.k.a. raintonr on

A new setting, $thmb_onfly, allows thumbnail images to be generated 'on the fly'. This means a gallery page that will have newly-converted thumbnail images can appear more quickly now, and the new thumbnail images appear one-by-one as they are generated. This improves the user experience and averts a pesky "Maximum execution time of XX seconds exceeded" error, which could happen when there are lots of thumbnails to convert.

Great stuff. Please test away! Post feedback to the forums.


  • Code cleanup. Improved HTML Header. Moved some settings.
  • Added new HTML Header CSS settings to put a border around the displayed image with configurable color and width.
  • Added a couple of language settings.
  • Added new HTML Header CSS setting to put a logo image in the lower-right corner (or wherever, since the location is configurable)

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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