New Development Release: Qdig 20050325

This release has a couple of last-minute features that were important to include in the 1.2.6 stable release. It's a "release candidate" release that should be stable, but only testing will prove that. Give it a try, and on the outside chance that something was overlooked ;-), please post to the forums.


  • The option to specify an intra-page #anchor allows gallerys that are embedded (include()ed) within a web page. Links to gallery pages can jump to the gallery within the page.
  • The new $keep_params setting allows galleries included within scripts (such as WordPress) to mix their HTTP GET parameters with those of Qdig.


  • Added extra diagnostic message for Fedora regarding SELinux policy for Apache.
  • Added an option to specify an intra-page #anchor in URLs Qdig generates. Added an id="qdig" attribute to the gallery table so embedded galleries can be targeted by an #anchor. (Feature suggest by Anton (Cougar). Patch submitted by David B. Nagle (a.k.a wersh on
  • Added a new $keep_params setting, which "passes through" non-Qdig HTTP GET parameters. (Requested by David B. Nagle.)

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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