New Development Release: Qdig 20050328

This release has a couple of low-impact features and some code cleanup to prepare for the 1.2.6 stable release. It's another "release candidate" and needs some testing before it morphs into the stable release. Give it a try and post feedback to the forums.


One feature that will be noticeable is that the script now inserts the thumbnails size into the filename prefix, so thm_Haley.jpg becomes thm30_Haley.jpg if the thumbnail size is set to 30 pixels. This avoids the confusion people experience when they change thumbnail size and nothing happens unless they delete all of their existing thumbnails. Now it Just Works.

There's one more feature that will improve Qdig's behavior as a WordPress (or other script) plugin.


  • Added an option to left-justify captions. (Suggested by ZATZAi.)
  • The thumbnail filename prefix now includes the thumbnail size. Now when you change thumbnail size new thumbnails will automatically be generated.
  • Added capability to inject settings into Qdig via a qdig_settings() function (Requested by David B. Nagle.)
  • Reworked the Security Check code.
  • Now no captions directory is created if $touch_captions is set to FALSE.
  • Added the rm_tree.php script to the distribution.

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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