New Stable Release: Qdig 1.2.6

This release has lots of enhancements and refinements. Among them are several new features that will make Qdig easier to embed into other scripts and considerable work was done toward making Qdig Just Work on servers with restrictive security.


Many people people helped make this release the best Qdig yet. Thanks to all who contributed.


  • Now admin.php works when you have apostrophes in directory names.
  • Changed the default "directory-is-new" flag from an asterisk to "New" in small black letters on a yellow background, which looks icon-like.
  • Added an $excl_img_pattern setting that excludes images if they contain certain text in the filename. Default text '_thumb'.
  • Added an absolute-path option. You can now make galleries using images in a specific directory elsewhere (that is, outside what would normally be the gallery tree) by specifying the filesystem and URL locations of the directory.
  • Added a setting to force output of HTML headers and footers. Now they can be forced on or off.
  • Added a $qdig_url Server Compatibility setting for specifying a URL path to the script for compatibility with URL rewriting (mod_rewrite).
  • Improved Qdig's behavior on servers running with PHP Safe Mode enabled.
  • Added Safe Mode detection to the diagnostic messages.
  • Improved compatibility with servers running with PHP's open_basedir directive defined.
  • Now the selected size or temporary size must exist and be enabled for display. If not, the default size is used (for $Qis) or temporary size is ignored (for $Qtmp).
  • Added capability for styling the thumbnail for the currently displayed image differently from the rest of the thumbnails. (Requested by Jeremy Smith, assistance by GloryFish.)
  • Thumbnail wrapping should now be the same whether Safe Mode enabled or not.
  • Added the ability to link the displayed image directly to the full size image file. (Requested by Matthias, GloryFish, David B. Nagle.)
  • Changed the preferred caption font to Verdana so captions will be easie to read.
  • Added configurable CSS border settings for thumbnail images.
  • Added configurable CSS settings for the current-image thumbnail.
  • Added configurable CSS opacity settings that may be omitted for cross-browser consistency and improved CSS compatibility.
  • Added extra diagnostic message for alerting Fedora users about the SELinux policy for Apache.
  • Added an option to specify an intra-page #anchor in URLs Qdig generates. Added an id="qdig" attribute to the gallery table so you can jump to a gallery if it's embedded in another page. (Feature suggest by Anton (Cougar). Patch submitted by David B. Nagle.)
  • Added a new $keep_params setting, which "passes through" non-Qdig HTTP GET parameters. (Requested by David B. Nagle.)
  • Added an option to left-justify captions. (Suggested by ZATZAi.)
  • The thumbnail filename prefix now includes the thumbnail size. Now when you change thumbnail size new thumbnails will automatically be generated.
  • Added capability to inject settings into Qdig via a qdig_settings() function. (Requested by David B. Nagle.)* Now no captions directory is created if touch_captions is set to FALSE.
  • Reworked the Security Check code.
  • Added the rm_tree.php script to the distribution.

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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