New Development Release: Qdig 20050407

This release has further enhancements that should help the script Just Work with as little manual configuration as possible. There are also a couple of enhancements that will help enable having multiple galleries using the same set of images.


This release introduces a way to inject page output either just above or just below the gallery table. The idea was inspired by the desire for a way to include the HTML for the logo on the demo galleries.

For index.php galleries, the "index.php" can be hidden now, which means slightly shorter URLs. The change is a result of switching to REQUEST_URI instead of PHP_SELF when determining the script's URL. If REQUEST_URI isn't available, PHP_SELF and SCRIPT_NAME name are tried as well. The end result should be improved Just Work-ness.

You can now specify custom names for the converted-images and captions directories. This was also inspired by a demo-gallery need. The same set of photos can now have multiple sets of captions.

Other than that, there are a half dozen or so "code cleanup" items that arose from testing.


  • Improved code to get globals and set the set $qdig_url variable.
  • Improved the code to detect whether the script is included or not.
  • Improved Diagnostic Messages. Now providing a link to $qdig_url.
  • Added settings for converted-images and captions subdirectory names.
  • Added $pre_gallery and $post_gallery variables to use for injecting content.

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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