New Stable Release: Qdig 1.2.7

''This release builds upon the previous stable release, adding some improvements that will help the script automatically adapt to a wider variety of server environments. The code for the Navigation Bar's resizer (demo) has been completely rewritten and there are several changes that improve how the script runs with various unusual settings combinations.''


See the notes for the 20050405 and 20050407 development releases.


  • Reworked error reporting. Now we're setting a Qdig-preferred level of reporting (E_ALL ^E_NOTICE), then setting it back before exiting.
  • Added not-seeing-thumbs hint to the troubleshooting section of INSTALL.txt.
  • Completely rewrote the aging and decrepit Navigation Row sizer code.
  • Improved code to get globals and set the $qdig_url variable. The new way $qdig_url is guessed should increase chances it'll Just Work.
  • Improved the code to detect whether the script is included or not.
  • Improved Diagnostic Messages. Now providing a link to $qdig_url.
  • Added settings for converted-images and captions subdirectory names.
  • Added $pre_gallery and $post_gallery variables to use for injecting content.

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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