New Development Release: Qdig 20050409

This release has improved error reporting and some (hopefully) more accurate ways of determining if the script is included from another script or if it's running on a Win32 platform. There's also a new "popup target" capability.


There are yet more changes to the script aimed at getting things to Just Work with as little configuring as possible. A new OS detector will more accurately determine when the platform is Win32. Maximum execution time is now configurable (default is 30 seconds), so some timeouts may be avoided.

Diagnostic Messages have been improved some more:

  • Now there's a line that tells you how long the script took to execute.
  • The platform is now reported (Win32 / Mac / Linux / Unix).
  • The query string is now reported.

Early work on popup-image support was added. You can request an image with Qtmp=popup to see an image and click it to close the window.


  • Added script execution timer to diagnostic messages.
  • Now setting max_execution_time on non-safe_mode servers.
  • Improved include() detection. It should be foolproof now.
  • Reworked OS detection. It should be relatively foolproof now.
  • Added settings for disabling each Navigatino Row.
  • Added platform and query string to diag messages and improved wrapping.
  • Added some code to format the image as a click-to-close popup.

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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