New Development Release: Qdig 20050416

This release moves Qdig (only slightly) in the direction of using CSS-based layout. Two tables were eliminated, and a new class (qdig-grayout) was added. Namelinks in the sidebar no longer show the extension, and the height of the sidebar can be set.


This release moves Qdig slightly toward CSS-based layout rather than relying on tables. Two tables were removed and some table attributes were replaced with CSS style attributes.

There are no longer any <center> tags in the script.

At long last the height of the sidebar can be set via a configuration setting. If there are too many namelinks to fit, the list becomes scrollable. The default size is '' (same as 'auto'), so by default the list behaves the same as before. You need to set the size *e.g. in pixels) for scrolling.

Speaking of namelinks, the images' extensions are no longer shown in them.

There's a new .qdig-grayout {} CSS rule. Set $grayout_color to '' to let your CSS stylehsheet change the color of grayed-out items.

Please view galleries in various browsers and report any anomolies to the forums.


  • Replaced <center> tags with CSS style attributes in navRow() function.
  • Sidebar namelinks <table>-within-a-<div> is now just a single <div>.
  • Added a sidebar height setting. Overflow results in scrollable list.
  • Sidebar links now displayed as the filename only (with extensions stripped off).
  • Performed <table>-ectomy on the captionTable() (now captionBlock()) function.
  • Grayout color no longer has a default so it can be overridden in a stylesheet.
  • Added class='qdig-grayout' attributes and corresponding .qdig-grayout { } rule.

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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