New Stable Release: Qdig 1.2.8

This release is full of changes to make the script more reliable and efficient, as well as easier use and modify. Server-specific parameters are detected more reliably, pages with thumbnails are generated more quickly, the height of the sidebar can now be specified, some <tables> were removed, user-definable path settings are improved, and more.


There are several changes that will help Qdig automatically adapt to the server environment. Most of these you won't notice, which is what's so good about them.

The function that builds pages of thumbnail was rewritten so Qdig now builds thumbnail image links significantly faster. Under testing, a page in a 151-image gallery was produced up to 30% faster.

Now by default the filename is included in the page title of stand-alone galleries.

There's a new option to exclude the GIF image format in case it's not supported by the server.

The script now has a built-in transparent 1-pixel GIF image. It's used to take the place of any missing thumbnail image files.

This release moves Qdig slightly toward CSS-based layout rather than relying on tables. Two tables were removed and some table attributes were replaced with CSS style attributes. There's a new .qdig-grayout {} CSS rule. Set $grayout_color to '' to let your CSS stylesheet change the color of grayed-out items.

The height of the sidebar is now configurable and it becomes scrollable if the list is too long to fit. The default size is '' (same as 'auto'), so by default the list behaves the same as before. You need to set the size (e.g. in pixels) for scrolling. The images' extensions are no longer shown in namelinks.

User-definable path settings are improved. Qdig can now be present galleries from directories anywhere the system can read / serve files from. The diagnostic messages now include information about the base_path settings if they're set.

People who can't set SGID permissions on the qdig-files/ directory during installation now will get a message about setting a world- writable File Creation Mask with (umask(000)). This will allow them to easily manage caption and resampled image files via FTP at the expense of some security risk.


  • Added a script timer to the diagnostic messages.
  • PHP's maximum execution time is set on non-Safe Mode servers.
  • Reworked the OS detection code. It should be foolproof now.
  • Improved the include() detection code. Hopefully it's foolproof now.
  • Added new settings so disabling Navigation Rows is easier.
  • Improved the diagnostic messages. Now reporting the $platform (OS) and some other new information, as well as improving text wrapping.
  • Added some code to format the requested image as a click-to-close popup.
  • Added a homemade REQUEST_URI for Win32 servers, since they don't have one.
  • Added a filename-in-title option, enabled by default, for stand-alone Qdig.
  • Reworked imageThumbsLinks() function. Thumbs pages are now much quicker.
  • Improved "Check for IM or GD" logic. Now it's simpler and more reliable.
  • Added an $exclude_gif Server Compatibility setting for excluding GIF images.
  • Added a new embedded clear-dog GIF image (qdig_url?image=clear-dot).
  • Now if a thumbnail is missing its place is occupied by a clear-dot GIF with the dimensions of the would-be thumbnail image.
  • Replaced <center> tags with CSS style attributes in navRow() function.
  • Sidebar namelinks <table>-within-a-<div> is now a single <div>.
  • Added a sidebar height setting. Overflow results in scrollable list.
  • Sidebar links are now displayed without filename extensions.
  • Performed table-ectomy on the captionTable() (now captionBlock()) function.
  • Grayout color no longer defaults so it can be overridden using a stylesheet.
  • Added class="qdig-grayout" attribute and corresponding .qdig-grayout {} rule.
  • Refined the three path settings and put them in their own settings section.
    • Renamed $abs_fs_path to $fs_base_path.
    • Renamed $abs_url_path to $url_base_path.
    • Added some base_path diagnostic messages.
  • The URL and filesystem base paths are now automatically cleaned up/verified.
  • Generating on-the-fly thumbnails now works when the base paths are set.
  • Added some special instructions for "777" permissions to the Security Check.
  • Added a new $img_link['wrap_up'] setting, enabled by default, that links the last image in a gallery directory to the directory one level up.

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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