New Development Release: Qdig 20050420

The development release is now moving toward becoming Qdig 1.3.0. That means for a while the beta releases will have more new (untested) features than usual. The first big changes are "vicinity thumbs", where only one row of thumbnails is included in a page, and thumbs-only pages for gallery directories with a lot of images.


Some default settings will change, too. Even the color scheme may change (to a dark background by default?) for Qdig 1.3. If you have carefully edited your copy of Qdig, be sure to keep a backup.

A lot of careful work went into this release, but without a doubt more needs to be done before it's suitable for general release. Give it a try and post comments and feedback to the Qdig Features forum on


  • Consolidated some related variables into arrays.
  • Created a new "vicinity thumbs" option, which is a Qdig-like variation of thumbnails paging where an image display page has one row of thumbnail links to "nearby" images in the gallery.
  • Directories with lots of images (more than one row) can default to thumbs-only view when you enter them. Directory navigation output reacts accordingly, as does a last-image link if $img_link['wrap_up'] is enabled.

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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