New Development Release: Qdig 20050427

This release separates the "vicinity thumbs" feature and the feature that displays a gallery directory using only thumbnail links. Both of those get some new settings to adjust the behavior of them according to personal preference. Stand-alone galleries can now have user-defined CSS rules.


The thumbs-only directory and vicinity thumbs features are now independent of one another. Each has its own setting to enable or disable it.

There's now a way to shift where in the row of thumbs the current image's thumb appears using a new $thumbs['shift_by'] setting in case someone doesn't like my calculated default.

Instead of being hard-coded to approximately one row, the number of images needed for a directory to be displayed thumbs-only is configurable by number of rows or number of images. If you set both to zero, any directory with more than one image comes up thumbs-only.

There's a new setting for inserting arbitrary user-defined CSS rules at the end of the <style> section of the HTML headers. Any rule that precedes the user-defined rule(s) can be overridden with a user-defined rule.

The development release is moving toward becoming Qdig 1.3.0. That means for a while the beta releases have more new (untested) features than usual.


  • Added a $thumbs['shift_by'] setting for adjusting the number of images displayed ahead of the current-image thumbnail in vicinity thumbs rows.
  • Made a minor change to admin.php to avoid an error message.
  • Added $header['css_user_def'] for injecting user-defined CSS rules at the end of <style> section of the HTML header after built-in rules.
  • Separated the "vicinity thumbs" and "thumbs-only directory" features.
  • Added settings to determine if a directory will be thumbs-only based upon the lower of a number of rows (t_o_rows) or a number of images (t_o_imgs).

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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