New Development Release: Qdig 20050502

This release adds capability for translation files and refines the way thumbs-only pages are presented.


This release has some improvements to language settings and to thumbs-only gallery directories.

It will be easy to extract the language settings and reuse them as a lang-xx.php translation file. This will allow much easier upgrading and sharing of the translation files.

There's a new setting to skip past the thumbs-only page when you first enter a directory and go to the first image in the directory instead.

Passing &Qtmp=thumbs to the script will show a thumbs- only page for the gallery directory.


  • Added an octothorpe (#) to the end of lines with language settings so it will be easy to extract those lines and create translation files.
  • Added a setting so users can place their own keywords list in HTML headers.
  • Thumbs in all-thumb pages now have different class= attributes for CSS styling.
  • Gave some language settings more descriptive names.
  • Added a $dir_nav['start_thm'] setting that controls whether the first view of a directory goes to the first image or starts by displaying the thumbnails.
  • Now passing &Qtmp=thumbs invokes a thumbs-only view of the gallery directory.

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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