New Development Release: Qdig 20060107-1

This release more properly implements reduced-priority image conversion. It also fixes the new option that links each image to an all-thumbnail page.


This version more correctly implements use of the nice(1) command to lower the priority of converting images. Now the use of nice(1) is optional, and using nice doesn't throw the diagnostic messages off.

There was a bug in the feature that links a displayed image to the current gallery's thumbnails page (assuming there are enough images to merit an all-thumbs page). Now it works as intended. Also, there's a new setting involved.

To summarize,

Links the currently displayed image to an all-thumbnail-links page if there is one for the current gallery. (That's determined by $thumbs['thm_only'], $thumbs['t_o_imgs'], $thumbs['t_o_rows'], and $thumbs['t_o_h2w'].)
Causes the script to ignore the normal limit for an all-thumbs-page to happen, so even a gallery page with as little as two thumbnails could have an all-thumbnails page.
Sets a lower limit on how many images need to be in a gallery when t_p_few is enabled. This is because otherwise you get links to an all-thumbs page with *too* few links. The default is 9, which is a little bit smaller than one row of images (using the other default settings.)


  • Re-implemented using the nice(1) command to prioritize image conversion.
  • Fixed the feature that links the displayed image to an all-thumbs page.

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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