New Development Release: Qdig 20060403

With this release Qdig becomes smarter about paths and permissions. Installing an embedded gallery should be much easier now. The rm_tree.php script has been improved, even though changes have been made to Qdig that render it virtually obsolete. A new path_helper.php script has been added to the distribution that will reveal the URL and filesystem paths for a given web directory.


With this release Qdig becomes smarter about paths and permissions.

It should now be *much* easier to share a copy of Qdig between a stand-alone installation and embedded galleries.

For one thing, default URL and filesystem base paths are set now, so those setting always exist even if they are not set explicitly. This will make it easier to transfer settings from a default gallery to a qdig_settings() function in wrapper script or other script that includes Qdig.

Regardless of that, a path_helper.php script is now bundled that will tell you the proper values to use for $url_base_path and $fs_base_path. The script is also a tutorial of sorts.

People who are unable to set "2777" permissions during installation will find that Qdig "just works" now if you use the default settings. The need for the rm_tree.php script has been greatly diminished.

Regardless of that, the rm_tree.php script's instructions have been made clearer and the output no longer is sometimes interspersed with scary-looking PHP error messages.

Some settings have been rearranged to make them easier to understand. More of the path-related settings are together now.

The diagnostic messages have been significantly improved.

Error reporting is improved. Qdig will throw fewer distracting and unsettling warnings when $diag_messages is FALSE and more notices and warnings when $diag_message is TRUE.


  • Fixed array_reverse bug in vicinity thumbs code.
  • Improved the Security Warning message text.
  • Smoothed some of the rough edges of rm_tree.php.
  • Added a path_helper.php script to the distribution for helping match URL and filesystem paths.
  • Rearranged some settings. Now more of the path settings are together.
  • Removed legacy code that related to $cnvrtd_dir.
  • Improved debugging code. The script will throw more errors in when $diag_messages is TRUE and fewer when $diag_messages is FALSE.
  • Refactored the adminLink() function as part of a path-smartification effort.
  • Setting the filesystem and URL base paths has been completely reworked. It should be much easier to embed Qdig and have a stand-alone gallery too.
  • Changed a few simple conditionals to ternary syntax.
  • Added fixPermissions() function to auto-adapt permissions of Qdig-written files (thanks Patrick R. Michaud).
  • Reworked Security Check logic and message, which will now be seen less often.

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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