Qdig Web Site RSS Feed Added

The Qdig web site now has an RSS 2.0 web feed. A feed for file releases has existed for some time, but now there's a link to it in the sidebar so it's easier to discover.

The site's feed will work in most web feed aggregrators, but some will not "refresh" an entry that has already been "seen" by the aggregator. This appears to be caused by inherent limitations of the RSS protocol, which it seems was not originally designed to re-order a list once it has has been created. Fortunately new pages such as news pages (like this one) will appear when they are created, which may be informative enough even if your aggregator will not refresh existing entries.

The feed works fine if you are using Firefox's Live Bookmarks feature. A link has been added to the HTML headers that allows "autodiscovery" of the site's feed, making the the orange icon appear.

The File Releases link allows you to know when a new version of Qdig has been released.

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