New Development Release: Qdig 20060414

The external qdig-metadata.php script is developing rapidly to initial-release quality and the rest of the script has received some more scrutiny and tuning.


This release includes quite a bit of refinement of new EXIF feature, and some more small changes to the core script.


  • Rearranged some settings to make them easier to find.
  • Now the admin link can be explicitly disabled.
  • The Preferences link is now a [ - ] when the control bar is showing.
  • Completely reworked the footerRow() function. Eliminated the siteLink(), showCopyright(), and qdigHomelink() functions entirely.
  • Turned the three Site link string variables into a single $site_link array.
  • Removed the $caption['min_width'] setting. Now it's the width of the table.
  • Added EXIF support. It's not very fancy, but at least it's something.

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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