New Stable Release: Qdig

This release includes the path_helper.php script from Qdig 1.2.3 and some other minor changes. If your Qdig 1.2.9 gallery is working fine there's no reason to upgrade.


The path_helper.php script has been added to the distribution. This helper script is useful for determining appropriate $fs_base_path and $url_base_path settings for a particular directory.

The rm_tree.php script is updated to a version that displays fewer PHP error messages and has easier-to-understand installation instructions.

There are a couple of changes to the Qdig script, but neither significantly affects galleries that are already installed and running.

See also the Qdig release notes.


  • Added a path_helper.php script to the distribution for helping match URL and filesystem paths.
  • Smoothed some of the rough edges of rm_tree.php.
  • Improved debugging code. The script will throw more errors in when $diag_messages is TRUE and fewer when $diag_messages is FALSE.
  • Improved the securityExit() function. It now has a <title> and returns a HTTP "403 Forbidden" status.

See also the Qdig changes.

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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