New Development Release: Qdig 20060421

This release improves the EXIF metadata feature and adds built-in caption editing.


The main change in this release is that admin.php has been removed from the distribution and a caption-editing feature has been added to the main script.

The Admin link now points back to the script and causes the caption area to turn into a textarea with Save and Cancel buttons below.

You need to set a username and password to edit captions. The password needs to be crypted, either by setting it to crypt('the_password') or by adding ?Qtmp=crypt to the end of a Qdig URL and using the form that appears to get a crypted password so your password can't be seen by another user by reading the Qdig script from disk.

Some default settings change with this release. The script now ignores files and directory names that begin with a "." and $touch_captions has been turned off.

The password-checking method uses HTTP-Auth, just like admin.php did. This means it will not be compatible with all servers. It also means caption editing with password protection can only happen in a stand-alone gallery, not and included gallery. Other ways of authenticating will be explored.

The EXIF feature has come along some. The most obvious difference is now the settings are gathered together at the top of qdig-metadata.php.

The path_helper script now checks to see if it has been included and it should work on more servers as a result. Some diagnostic messages can be produced that might make it easier to improve the script in the future.


  • Removed the admin.php script from the distribution and added built-in caption editing capability.
  • $touch_captions is now disabled by default.
  • Added fixGets() function to permit using ? in place of & in a query string.
  • Added cryptPw() function so ?Qtmp=crypt produces a form you can use to produce a crypted password string.
  • Now $caption['txt'] will override caption-reading code. It's used for caption editing feature now and potentially for metadata captions in the future.
  • Refactored adminLink() to produce a self-referring link with &Qtmp=admin.
  • Added authorize() password-checking function that uses HTTP-auth.
  • Now producing a $std_uri for a self-referring link with Query string.
  • Incrementally improved path_helper.php. It now has a diagnostic messages link.
  • Incrementally improved qdig-metadata.php. It now has a settings section.

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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