New Development Release: Qdig 20060425

This release inches incrementally closer to Qdig 1.3. Some common settings have been grouped together, some layout-related settings have been added, and others have been adjusted.


This release makes some refinements to gallery layout and introduces a couple of settings that add further ability to make the gallery table a slightly larger size so it will remain a more consistent size, even if resampled images have a wide variety of aspect ratios.

Since there are so many settings now, some of the more commonly-used ones have been grouped at the top of the script where they will be easier to find.


  • Now the image-display table gets a width in names view.
  • Now the image-display table has some configurable extra height to make room for captions and the EXIF line.
  • The Qdig description has been brought up-to-date.
  • Commonly used settings have been gathered at the top of the script.
  • There's a new $extra_size['height'] and the other similar setting is now $extra_size['width']. These can be used for adjustment of the gallery size to mitigate the overall size changing due to different-sized images.

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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