New Development Release: Qdig 20060427

This is another "refinement release". It introduces some settings that allow you to include a blank line in place of a missing EXIF summary lines or captions.


This release includes a few minor improvements and introduces a few new settings.

Quite a few lingering TODO items were addressed and many of the changes will hardly be noticeable. Two new settings allow you to help "stabilize" galleries by including a blank line in place of a missing EXIF summary line or caption.


  • Implemented $caption['placehold'] setting to put a <br /> in the caption area if there's no caption.
  • Refactored the captionBlock() function.
  • The sidebar margin setting now can adjust all four sides, not just the top.
  • Thumbs-on-the-fly uses a clear-dot GIF file if it cant create a thumbnail.
  • Introduced $exif['disp']['placehold'] and $caption['placehold'] settings to allow inserting a blank line in place of an empty EXIF line or caption.
  • Various code cleanup to prepare for the stable release.

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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