New Development Release: Qdig 20060524

This release adds session-based authentication as an alternative to HTTP-Auth via PHP, so now password-protected caption editing will be possible on more servers. There's also a new feature that will let you sort gallery directories in any arbitrary order.


This is the latest beta release of Qdig.

This release ensure that more people will be able to use password-protected caption editing by adding a session- based authentication scheme.

There's also a new feature relating to sorting of gallery directories, where you can add numerals and an underscore to the the beginning of your directory names and they'll be sorted in order but displayed without the numerals and underscore.

  010_Plants                         Plants
  O20_Animals       appears as       Animals
  030_Machines                       Machines

It's enabled by default, but can be disabled by setting $dir_nav['strip_num'] to FALSE.


  • Updated README.txt and INSTALL.txt to reflect replacement of admin.php with built-in caption editing. Added wrapper script section to INSTALL.txt.
  • Now you can lock caption editing by commenting out the username line.
  • Added session-based login for password editing to use as a fallback.
  • Added some language settings for caption-edit related functions.
  • Improved the cryptPw() form. It's now an HTML page and it includes a sample line so it's obvious the string doesn't belong inside crypt('').
  • Directory names that begin with numerals and an underscore will not have the leading numerals and underscore displayed. "3456_Photos" shows "Photos". (Suggested by PT in the Qdig Features forum.)
  • Refined the authentication code further. Now it does the same thing if a user is set or not, and just displays a message if locked.
  • Added an $auth['locked'] setting so it's obvious how to lock caption editing.

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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