New Development Release: Qdig 20060529

This release add a security feature, enabled by default, that automatically locks caption editing some period of time (two hours by default) after the most recent caption edit. This will help keep neglected galleries safe from malicious "unauthorized caption editors".


This release introduces a self-locking feature for caption editing. The script creates a lock file in the captions directory and updates that file's datestamp each time you edit a caption. If that file gets too old (by default "too old" means two hours after the most recent edit) caption editing is locked and you need to delete that file to edit captions again.

The point of this feature is to keep neglected galleries from being open to malicious "unauthorized caption editors". When you upload some new images you just need to delete the lock file and edit away. (Presumably you'll already be using your FTP/SCP script, so this shouldn't be all that inconvenient.) Of course the self-locking feature can be disabled using a setting.


  • $dir_nav['strip_num'] now also causes numeral prefixes to be stripped from directory names in the HTML title and directory navigation row.
  • Added a self-locking mechanism for caption editing. It automatically locks after a period of time, two hours by default, since the most recent edit.
  • Now the gallery table is centered so embedded galleries will be centered by default. (Reported by ericob in the Qdig Help forum.)

See CHANGELOG.txt for a complete list of changes.

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