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The Qdig Demo Galleries

Note: An image gallery should be able to take on the look and feel of your site rather than the other way around. Keep in mind that your galleries' appearence could have a much different style than the demo galleries.

The demo galleries use close-to-default settings. See the script's source to get an idea of some of the things you customize.

Visit the Demo Gallery With Subdirectories

The demo gallery with subdirectories uses settings that are close to the defaults, which have been determined based on Qdig user feedback. The default Qdig settings are appropriate for a larger image collection; only the Medium and Full Size (as-uploaded) sizes are presented. For this gallery, the following settings were changed from default:

  • Added a Site Link URL and title.
  • Changed the Copyright Text.
  • Changed the Header Title.
  • Set the thumbnail size to 35 pixels.
  • Enabled sorting of directories by time-since-modified.
  • Changed color settings for this version with a dark color scheme.

Visit the Demo Gallery With Subdirectories-Only

The subdirectories-only gallery and its version with a dark color scheme use the same script as the galleries above. These show how your images are presented when organize them all into folders.

Visit the Single-Directory Demo Gallery

The single-directory demo gallery has the original look of Qdig. The settings changes for it are the same as the other two, plus the following:

  • Enabled the Control Bar Default Size chooser.
  • Set links (thumbs) to appear above the image rather than below.
  • Disabled the Upper Navigation row.
  • Set the Image Link to wrap around from the last image to the first.
  • Enabled the Size chooser on the lower Navigation Row.
  • Enabled Wrapping at first / last image for Lower Navigation Row.
  • Set conversion/display of Small-, Medium-, and Large-sized resampled images.
  • Changed the thumbnail size to 40 pixels.

Visit the Isolated-Subdirectory Demo Gallery

This demo gallery displays just one subdirectory of the Demo Gallery With Subdirectories. It demonstrates what happens if you disable Directory Navigation. When you do, each subdirectory becomes a single-directory gallery.

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