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Which Release?

The stable release is not updated as frequently as the development release, so it will produce more predictable results. If that sounds boring to you, give the development release a try. It's updated much more frequently, and is where new features and improvements will first appear.

The new stable release, Qdig 1.2.9, should be the most rock-solid Qdig release to date. If not, let me know. The development release has significant changes that will be introduced in Qdig 1.3.0 2.0.

The first big changes are "vicinity thumbs" (demo), where only one row of thumbnails is included in a page, and thumbs-only pages (demo) for gallery directories with a lot of images.

Some default settings will change, too. If you have carefully edited your copy of Qdig, be sure to keep a backup.


Visit the Qdig Files Page on SourceForge.net for release notes and links to a few past releases. For even more information about past releases, see the older releases page on this site. Visit the Qdig Help Forum on SourceForge.net for support.