Qdig Installation

See Also INSTALL.txt

Basic Installation:

Basic Qdig installation simple.

  • Download the tarball or .zip archive.
  • Unpack the tarball or .zip archive and copy or move index.php into a web-browsable directory with your image files and/or subdirectories with image files.
  • Browse the directory.

For this type of read-only installation Qdig will use the "none" links view by default. You can change this behavior using the $txtlinks_default configuration setting.

Quick and Easy Desktop Gallery Preparation:

This is an easy installation method for desktop-oriented users.

  • Prepare your photos on your desktop computer and put them in a tree of folders.
  • Download the zipped archive and unzip it.
  • Copy or move index.php and optionally qdig-camera.ico into the top directory.
  • Use your favorite FTP or SCP file transfer program such as Martin Prikryl's excellent free program WinSCP to transfer the whole tree to your server.
  • Optionally, establish the writable tree directory. (See below.)
  • Browse the directory.

Establishing The Writable Tree

The writable directory tree is where Qdig stores converted images (thumbnails and resized versions of large images) and empty caption .txt files. Establishing the writable directory tree is an easy procedure. Once it's established, little more needs to be done.

  • Create the qdig-files subdirectory.
  • Temporarily set world-writable (2777) permissions on it.
  • Browse the gallery directory's URL once.
  • Set permissions on the subdirectory to something reasonable (0755).

Pushing the Installation-Speed Envelope

With a little automation, Qdig can be downloaded, installed, and the writable tree can be configured in as little as two seconds.

Detailed Installation Instructions

See INSTALL.txt for more detailed installation instructions.