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Color and CSS Style Settings

These settings offer some control of your


HTML Header CSS settings

HTML Header CSS settings are only effective for stand-alone Qdig galleries. Otherwise you need to provide similar settings in your own CSS stylesheet file (or a <style> section in the pages' HTML headers).

$header['css_bgcolor'] = '#f8f8f8';
Page (<body>) background color
$header['css_text_color'] = '#333333';
Text color
$header['css_link_color'] = '#004080';
Link color
$header['css_visit_color'] = '#006699';
Visited-link color
$header['css_bg_img_url'] = '';
The URL of a tiled background image. Example: '../images/qdig-bg.jpg'
$header['css_bg_logo'] = FALSE;
Use a background logo.
$header['css_logo_url'] = '';
The URL of logo image. If this is empty, the Qdig cam-icon is used.
$header['css_logo_pos'] = '99% 99%';
The CSS position of the background logo. By default it appears in the lower-right corner.
$header['css_img_bg'] = '#eeeeee';
The color of the background of the image area that shows before the image has loaded. This adds a helpful visual cue when thumbnail images are being created on-the-fly. 'transparent' is a valid "color", and should probably be used if some of your images have transparent areas in them.
$header['css_img_border'] = '#cccccc';
The border color of the displayed image
$header['css_img_brdr_w'] = '1px';
The width of the displayed-image border
$header['css_thm_border'] = '#cccccc';
The border color of thumbnail images' borders
$header['css_thm_brdr_w'] = '0px';
The width of the thumbnail-image border
$header['css_thm_opacity'] = '60';
Thumbnail opacity for thumbnail images other than the one for the currently-displayed image. A setting of 1 to 99 fades thumbs. Using opacity uses invalid CSS and can slow page rendering speed.
$header['css_opacity_moz'] = FALSE;
Enable opacity for older gecko browsers.
$header['css_thm_hilite'] = '#f9f99f';
Highlight border for current-thumb. The highlight color appears as a border on each side of the thumbnail image.
$header['css_thm_hl_w'] = '2px';
Width of highlight border
$header['css_user_def'] = '';
This is a very powerful setting. Here you can inject any user-defined CSS selectors you want into the <style> section of your Qdig gallery pages.

Gallery table settings

For important layout reasons, Qdig galleries appear in a XHTML table and the displayed image appears in another table within the overall gallery table. These settings may be of extra interest for people who are embedding galleries within web pages.

You can set these to '' to use the page default.

$gallery_table_bg_clr = '';
Background color of the gallery table.
$image_table_bg_clr = '';
Background color of image area.

Sidebar settings

You can set these to '' to use the page default.

$sidebar['bg_clr'] = '#eeeeee';
The background color of the 'names' view sidebar
$sidebar['margin_top'] = '4px';
Margin above the sidebar
$sidebar['height'] = '';
Sets the height of the Sidebar, where '' is "auto". example: '350px'

Gallery footer settings

You can set these to '' to use the page default.

$copyright['color'] = '#cccccc';
Copyright text color
$admin['color'] = '#cccccc';
Admin link text color
$qdig_homelink['color'] = '#cccccc';
Qdig Home Link text color
$grayout_color = '#999999';
Grayed-out text color