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Commonly Used Settings

Site Link and Copyright Text

$qdig_files = 'qdig-files/';
Example site link

The site link is a link that will appear at the bottom of gallery pages, typically in the lower-left corner. A common example is a link back to your home page.

$site_link['url'] = '';
Using '' disabls the Site Link.
$site_link['title'] = 'Home Page';
Link text

If you specify copyright text, it will appear at the bottom of your gallery. See for information about copyrights.

$copyright['txt'] = 'Images copyright © 2004, 2005, 2006 by original creators or assignees. All rights reserved.';
This text will appear at the bottom of any page with a gallery image or thumbnail images, usually in the center.

Gallery Size

These don't specify the size of the gallery table, but they affect it.

$default_nav_width = 560;
Default width for gallery/directory navigation

rows and thumbnail link rows.

$extra_size['pct'] = 2.5;
Add some extra-size percentage (0 to 10)
$extra_size['width'] = 0;
Add some extra width, in pixels.
$extra_size['height'] = 20;
Add some extra height (room for EXIF, captions).

Navigation Elements

$dir_nav['enable'] = TRUE;
Enable Directory Navigation. If disabled,

subdirectories will be isolated galleries.

$ctrl_bar['enable'] = TRUE;
Enable the control bar (visitor preferences).
$upr_nav['enable'] = TRUE;
Enable the upper gallery navigation row.
$lwr_nav['enable'] = TRUE;
Enable the lower gallery navigation row.

Sizes to convert / display

Enable or disable any of the alternate sizes. Default settings: FALSE,TRUE,FALSE,FALSE,FALSE,TRUE,'1'


These cause resizing links in the Control Bar and Navigation Bar to disappear if set to FALSE and appear if set to TRUE.

$disp_size[0] = FALSE;
$disp_size[1] = TRUE;
$disp_size[2] = FALSE;
$disp_size[3] = FALSE;
$disp_size[4] = FALSE;
$disp_size[5] = TRUE;

You can specify a size to displeay if no size is specified. It must be an enabled size.

$default_img_size = '1';

Caption Editing

Caption editing exposes some security risk.

The link to request editing a caption appears in the copyright area.

$admin['ena'] = TRUE;
Enable a link to edit captions.

Set a username and password or disable authentication to edit captions.

$auth['enable'] = TRUE;
If this is FALSE, anyone can edit captions.
$auth['0']['username'] = '';
Set the username.
$auth['0']['password'] = crypt('');
Set the crypted password.

The password needs to be at least six characters and not pure alphabetic. Use either crypt('some password') or else a pre-crypted password. To pre-crypt a password, add ?Qtmp=crypt to any Qdig URL and use the form.

$auth['pw_crypt_form'] = TRUE;
Disable the password crypting form.
$auth['realm'] = 'Qdig Captions';