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Directory Navigation Row Settings

The Directory Navigation Row, when enabled, appears at the top of certain gallery pages. It serves as a "you are here" notifier and can contain links to subdirectories.

$dir_nav['enable'] = TRUE;
Enable Directory Navigation. If it's disabled, subdirectories will be isolated galleries.
$dir_nav['small'] = FALSE;
Use small text for the Directory Navigation row.
$dir_nav['fname_ena'] = FALSE;
Display the filename in the row.
$dir_nav['cntr_ena'] = TRUE;
Display the `Image x of n' counter in the row.
$dir_nav['path_delim'] = '[=&gt;=]';
This is the delimiter between path elements. '&gt;' is the greater-than symbol (>).
$dir_nav['align_dirs'] = 'center';
Alignment of the links on a subdirectories-only page. (left/center/right).
$dir_nav['dir_is_new'] = 0 * 24 * 60 * 60;
The directory is considered new if its modification time is less than this many seconds.
$dir_nav['new_flag'] = '&nbsp;
<small style="font-size:8pt; vertical-align:top; padding-bottom:1px;
text-decoration:none; font-weight:normal; color:black;
This is the string to display with dir name if the directory qualifies as "new".
$dir_nav['sort_age'] = FALSE;
Sort directories by time-since-modified (most recent first) rather than by alphabetical order.
$dir_nav['sort_rev'] = FALSE;
Reverse the (alpha or date-based) sort order of directories.
$dir_nav['icon'] = FALSE;
Display a little camera icon in directory links.
$dir_nav['updir_ena'] = TRUE;
Display an up-one-level link, if applicable in the row.
$dir_nav['row_width'] = '100%';
This determines the width of the Directory Navigation row. It's a table width= attribute, not a CSS style attribute.
$dir_nav['start_thm'] = FALSE;
Start in a dir with thumbs-only display (if enabled), else jump to the first image.