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Image Display Settings

These settings are for the image display area of an image-display page.


$caption['min_width'] = 300;
Set the minimum width for an image caption. This is so captions for very small images...

...won't become
too narrow and
end up looking
like this.
$caption['padding'] = '3px';
Put some padding around the perimeter of the caption text block.
nl2br setting
$caption['nl2br'] = FALSE;
Automatically insert <br /> tags in captions. Be careful with this one if you offer the image in multiple sizes because small versions may have narrow enough caption areas to cause long lines to wrap.
$caption['left_just'] = FALSE;
Left-justify the caption. Otherwise it's centered. This is useful for longer captions.
$caption['above'] = FALSE;
Place the caption above the image rather than below it.

Image Link

The image can be hyperlinked in various ways. The default is to link each image to the next one in the gallery and the last image to the directory above.

$img_link['next'] = TRUE;
Link to the next image from the one displayed.
$img_link['wrap'] = FALSE;
Link that last image back around to the first image.
$img_link['wrap_up'] = TRUE;
Link the last image to the directory above.
$img_link['th_page'] = FALSE;
Link to the gallery directory's all-thumbnails page if the gallery directory has one.
$img_link['t_p_few'] = FALSE;
If th_page is TRUE this creates thumbnail-only pages for directories that ordinarily would have too few images to merit one, producing consistent behavior for any gallery with more than one image.
$img_link['full'] = FALSE;
If the image is a resized version, link to the full sized version. Setting this to TRUE disables the 'next' and 'wrap' settings.
$img_link['file'] = FALSE;
Instead of linking to the Full-Sized image within the gallery, link directly to the image file itself.