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Filename and Numeral Text Image Links

$txtlinks_default = 'none';
If no text-link type is specified, default to this type, which can be 'name', 'num', or 'none'.
$namelinks['disa'] = FALSE;
Disable the 'names' view option in the Control Bar size chooser. When this is enabled, the sidebar won't appear.
$namelinks['small'] = TRUE;
Use small text for the filename links in the sidebar when 'names' view is chosen.
$namelinks['trunc'] = 16;
This is the number of filename characters to display in filename links. Names longer than that will be truncated and have "..." replace the part that was removed.

Numeral Text Image Links

$nmrl_row['small'] = TRUE;
Use small text for the numeral links.
$nmrl_row['pad_top'] = '2px';
This specifies the amount of padding above rows of numeral links.

Wrapping -- Don't wrap only one or two links.

$nmrl_row['maxcount'] = 23;
The maximum number of numeral links per row in 'num' (numeral links) view.
$nmrl_row['softwrap'] = 85;
Control wrapping of numeral rows using a percentage. Valid values are 51 to 99.