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Thumbnail Image Links

Thumbs-only view can be seen by adding &Qtmp=thumbs to a Qdig query string.

$thumbs['enable'] = TRUE;
Enable thumbs view. Safe to leave TRUE.
$thumbs['default'] = TRUE;
Default to thumbs view if thumbs-capable.
$thumbs['onfly'] = TRUE;
Create thumbnails 'on the fly' in their own request so pages load more quickly.


$thmb_row['maxwidth'] = 680;
Approx. max. width of thumbnails row
$thmb_row['softwrap'] = 85;
A percentage, 51 to 99

Thumbs-only View

Allow gallery directories to be displayed as an array of thumbnail image links, like a "virtual contact sheet".

$thumbs['thm_only'] = TRUE;
Folder is thumbs-only if more than...
$thumbs['t_o_imgs'] = 999;
...this many images, or...
$thumbs['t_o_rows'] = 2;
...this many rows, whichever is smaller.
$thumbs['t_o_h2w'] = 0.75;
Height-to-width ratio of an average image.

Vicinity Thumbs

Show only a single row of thumbnail links.

$thumbs['vicinity'] = TRUE;
Show only thumbs for "nearby" images.
$thumbs['shift_by'] = 0;
Adjust the number of vicinity lead-in images.