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Upper Gallery Navigation Row Settings

This gallery navigation row appears immediately above the image on an image-display page.

$upr_nav['enable'] = TRUE;
The row is enabled when this is TRUE, disabled when it's FALSE. Also, if nothing on the row is enabled the row it will be effectively disabled.
$upr_nav['sizer'] = FALSE;
Show resizing links. Overrides 'full_link'.
$upr_nav['full_link'] = FALSE;
Show the `Full Size' link if the image is a resized version.
$upr_nav['prv_next'] = TRUE;
Show `Previous' / `Next' links.
$upr_nav['wrap'] = FALSE;
"Wrap around" the next / prev links at the last / first image.
$upr_nav['frst_last'] = TRUE;
Show ` |<< ' and ` >>| ' links links to the beginning and end of the gallery respectively.
$upr_nav['cntr'] = FALSE;
Show an `x of y' counter if there is no $dir_nav counter.
$upr_nav['cntr_bold'] = FALSE;
Use bold text for the `x of y' message
$upr_nav['sml_txt'] = FALSE;
Use small text for this Navigation Row.
$upr_nav['width'] = '500';
Set the width of this Navigation Row.
$upr_nav['pad_top'] = '0px';
Set the amount of padding to use above the row.