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Miscellaneous Qdig Settings

Server Compatibility

$is_readable_disa = FALSE;
Set to TRUE if is_readable() causes trouble on your server.
$file_exists_disa = FALSE;
Set to TRUE if file_exists() causes trouble on your server.
$max_exec_time = 30;
Set PHP's maximum execution time in seconds. Has no effect if the server is running with Safe Mode enabled.
$compat_quote = TRUE;
Add and extra "s to exec() command on Win32. For Win98 this should be set to FALSE.
$exclude_gif = FALSE;
Exclude GIF images.

Cache settings

Remmber, HTML Header settings are only effective for stand-alone Qdig galleries, not embedded ones.

$header['meta_cache'] = FALSE;
Use a Cache-Control meta tag. For servers that cause repeated reloading of thumbs.
$header['cache_sec'] = '3600';
Number of seconds for the cache to expire.

Path Settings (Override defaults.)

The next two are the same location; as a URL and as a filesystem path.

$url_base_path = '';
Specifies the base URL path to the gallery directory (not necessarily where the Qdig script is). Examples: '/photos/' or '/~someuser/qdig/'
$fs_base_path = '';
Specifies the filesystem path to the root directory of the gallery. Ex.: '/home/someuser/public_html/qdig/' or '../qdig'
$admin['script_url'] = 'admin.php';
URL path to the Gallery Management Script. Example: '/photos/admin.php'
$chroot_dir = '';
The topmost directory of the gallery tree. Note: You may also want to add this path to the $qdig_files location (e.g. for 'images' use 'images/qdig-files/') See
$qdig_url = '';
Self-referring URL path. Examples: '/photos/' or '/photos/qdig.php' or '/~someuser/qdig/index.php'


You can cause Qdig to exclude certain directories or files from your galleries by specifying them. Add as many as you want by name, or use a Perl-compatible regular expression or just a pattern.

$excl_dirs[] = 'Private';
$excl_dirs[] = 'qdig-converted';
$excl_dirs[] = '';
$excl_dir_preg = '/^priv_/';
$excl_imgs[] = 'qdig-bg.jpg';
$excl_imgs[] = 'favicon.png';
$excl_imgs[] = '';
$excl_img_preg = '/^thumb_/';
$excl_img_pattern = '_thumb';
$excl_main = FALSE;

These three settings alter the URLs created by Qdig.

$extra_param = '';
Extra parameter(s) to include in URLs. Examples: 'incl=qdig.php&' 'a=foo&b=bar&'
$keep_params = FALSE;
Retain extra GET parameters in Qdig URLs. Allows Qdig to "share" the query string when embedded.
$anchor = '';
Include an intra-page anchor in URLs. For embedded galleries, use '#qdig' to jump down to the gallery.

Debugging Setting

$diag_messages = FALSE;
Produce diagnostic messages. This will also enable verbose PHP error reporting.