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Qdig Security Settings

$safe_captions = TRUE;
Disable HTML in Captions. Enabling this will cause Qdig to cinvert special characters (<>&"') to `HTML entities'.
$check_security = TRUE;
Perform a security check for world-writability of the qdig-files/ directory.
$ignore_dir_links = TRUE;
Ignore gallery directories if they're symbolic links / shortcuts.
$ignore_img_links = TRUE;
Ignore image files if they're symbolic links / shortcuts.
$pathname_maxlen = 100;
Maximum number of characters in a pathname.
$imgname_maxlen = 100;
Maximum number of characters in an image filename.
$extra_paranoia = FALSE;
Do extra-strict checking for '..' and also some other more cautios behavior.
File creation mask to use, but only if $extra_paranoia is TRUE.
 umask(0002); // `drwxrwxr-x' and `-rw-rw-r--' (world readable)
 umask(0007); // `drwxrwx---' and `-rw-rw----' (not world readable)
 umask(0000); // `drwxrwxrwx' and `-rw-rw-rw-' (world writable)
$ignore_dotfiles = FALSE;
Ignore files that start with '.'.
$ignore_dotdirs = FALSE;
Ignore directories that start with '.'.

Remember that HTML Header settings are only effective for stand-alone Qdig, not embedded galleries.

$header['zap_frames'] = FALSE;
Break out of a frameset.
$header['ie_imgbar_off'] = TRUE;
Suppress IE6's image toolbar.