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Qdig Diagnostic Messages

Qdig has a configuration setting that causes it to produce some helpful diagnostic messages. This setting used to be called $debug_mode, but it has been renamed to $diag_messages, which more accurately describes its purpose. The diagnostic messages are useful for three main purposes:

  1. To help fend off bugs before they ever would be discovered by users. I enable debug_mode when I work on the script so there is plenty of "instant feedback" when things are changed during development. This has proved to be very useful.
  2. To ease installation by providing some informative feedback about how the script is reacting to changes in Qdig settings, filesystem permissions, etc.
  3. To provide a quick and easy way for people to supply basic diagnostic background information such as OS, web server, script version, PHP version, and some script settings. Questions such as "my thumbs aren't showing" don't provide much to go by. There are dozens of reasons thumbs might not appear. The diagnostic output narrows these down considerably, making it easier on everyone involved.

You can see the diagnostic messages by setting

 $diag_messages = TRUE;

and loading any gallery page. You will see the messages at the bottom of your gallery pages.

Example Messages

Here are some example messages, from a typical working Qdig gallery.

Diagnostic Messages:
Qdig version is 20060414,  PHP Version is 4.3.10 on Linux,  EXIF capable
Server Software is Apache/1.3.33 (Unix) PHP/4.3.10
$qdig_url is /qdig/qdig-demo4/gallery/
$php_self is /qdig/qdig-demo4/gallery/index.php
$script_name is /qdig/qdig-demo4/gallery/index.php
Query string is (empty)
$pwd is .,  $chroot_dir is (empty)
$is_included is FALSE,  $header['force_ena'] / ['force_disa'] are FALSE / FALSE
$url_base_path is /qdig/qdig-demo4/gallery/
$fs_base_path is /home/groups/q/qd/qdig/htdocs/qdig/qdig-demo4/gallery/
$base_dir is /home/groups/q/qd/qdig/htdocs/qdig/qdig-demo4/gallery
$qdig_files is qdig-files  (exists, 755 perms)
$cnvrtd_files_root is ./qdig-files/converted-images/  (exists, 2775 perms)
$captions_root is ./qdig-files/captions/  (exists, 2775 perms)
$convert_magick is FALSE, $convert_cmd is /usr/bin/convert  (exists, 755 perms) (nice)
$convert_GD is FALSE,  GD version 2 detected,  phpinfo() is enabled
$convert_writable is FALSE,  $convert_readable is TRUE,  $reqd_view is thumbs
$thmbs_ena is TRUE,  $namelinks_ena is FALSE,  $check_security is TRUE
$is_readable_disa is FALSE,  $file_exists_disa is FALSE,  $compat_quote is TRUE
Execution time is 17 milliseconds, max_execution_time is 30 seconds