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Qdig Galleries in a Joomla! Site

The Joomla! content management system is capable of including non-Joomla content in your site using an inline frame. You can embed a Qdig gallery by adding a new item to one of your menus and choosing "Wrapper" as the item type.

From the Joomla! documentation:

The Wrapper Menu Item creates a page that wraps an external Web page into your Site. The external Web page is inserted as an 'inline frame' (also called an Iframe) into your template.

See this thread in the Qdig Help forum, where gloryfish provided the solution.

Adding Qdig to a Joomla! Site in 8 Easy Steps

  1. Create a new directory in the "images' directory of your Joomla! installation.
  2. Upload the latest Qdig release to the new directory you just created.
  3. Log into the Joomla! administration panel.
  4. In the "menu" section of the toolbar click "mainmenu"
  5. Click "New" to create a new menu item.
  6. Under "Miscellaneous" click "Wrapper"
  7. In the "Wrapper Link" field, type "/images/your_directory" where "your_directory" is the name of the folder you created in Step 1.
  8. Now you can use Joomla!'s Media Manager to upload images to your gallery. Qdig will automatically convert them and create thumbnails.