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Maximum Execution Time

Sometimes, in gallery directories that contain lots of images, not all of the images can be converted within the allowable execution time. Depending on your error reporting settings, you might see an error that looks like:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of XX seconds exceeded in index.php on line XXX

Many things affect this, including the size and number of images, processing power available, and of course the maximum allowable execution time.

This is not a serious error, and there are several ways of working around it, including

  • reloading the page, wich causes Qdig to pick up where it left off,
  • increasing the maximum execution time, and
  • organizing the images into multiple smaller gallery directories

Reloading The Page

If you reload the page you will cause Qdig to continue converting the remaining images, again subject to the maximum execution time. Since the images only need to be converted once, this is a reasonable way to deal with the timeout error. Your gallery visitors should never experience the error.

Increasing Allowable Execution Time

You (or your server administrator) can increase the maximim execution time by editing the PHP initialization file (php.ini) and restarting the web server daemon. The setting looks like

 max_execution_time = nn;

where nn is a number of seconds.

Organizing Images

Splitting a large collection of images into smaller subgalleries, while it takes some effort on your part, not only helps with the timeout issue but also may improve your gallery site. In my experience, the extra effort usually makes the collection more interesting and inviting for gallery visitors. Of course your mileage may vary...