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Introducing Qdig

Qdig is an easy-to-use PHP script that presents digital image files as an online gallery or set of galleries dynamically from a directory or tree of directories your web server's filesystem.

Qdig is now even easier to install -- just put the script in a directory on your web server that contains some image files and/or subdirectories with image files, then browse that directory's URL to see the images and/or links to the subdirectories. Qdig is a one-file program, and doesn't require a DBMS.

Qdig has lots of thoughtful features to help you present your images the way you want them presented. You can easily add image captions. You can offer multiple sizes of each image. You can change the color scheme. You can enable, disable, and choose the placement of various gallery elements. You can choose the size, quality level and placement of thumbnail images for example. There are dozens of configuration settings, which are briefly documented with comments in the script.

Qdig works stand-alone or you can include() it within another PHP script and it will automatically adapt by suppressing the HTML header and footer. When this happens, the script will take on the style of the calling page because the CSS style elements for a stand-alone gallery are in the HTML header.

Qdig is designed with usability in mind. Resampling images to similar sizes gives your gallery a consistent look and conserves bandwidth. Gallery visitors can be allowed to change some preferences to suit themselves. Qdig gallery pages take up minimal space in the browser window. Qdig tries to be efficient with valuable screen pixels, so visitors can scroll less and view images more.

The easiest way to become familiar with a Qdig gallery is to visit the demo galleries and look at the source. Better yet, download a copy and install it.

There are lots of image gallery scripts to choose from, but Qdig's unique set of features may fit your needs. Qdig is free software, licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, so if you don't like something about Qdig you can change it.

There's a Qdig project page on SourceForge.net with discussion forums.

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