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The Qdig Administration Script

Qdig comes with a companion script (a modified version of phpFileFarm) that originally provided a web interface for adding/deleting images and editing captions. It was important to use the admin tool instead of an FTP / SCP file management program because of certain file and directory permissions issues.

Starting with Qdig 1.2.0 the best way to add/delete images is with your favorite FTP / SCP file management program. The admin.php script is no longer necessary for the vast majority of Qdig users. It's still bundled with Qdig to use as a convenient way to edit image captions on-the-fly from image display pages.

Installing admin.php is straightforward: Just edit the script to add your username and password, then copy it to the top directory in your gallery tree.

Admin Script Disclaimer

The admin.php script had been through three different authors, each with a different programming style, before it became the gallery management script. The admin script is not nearly as likely to Just Work the Qdig script. Also, it's not very easy to add features to admin.php.

The script appears to be sensitive to the server platform, particularly when it comes to authentication, perhaps because admin.php uses the HTTP-Authentication protocol. A workaround is to disable authentication temporarily when you edit captions. On an Apache server you might be able to use HTTP-Auth outside of the context of a PHP script. See the HTTP Authentication Quick-Step Guide.

If admin.php works on your server it can provide an easy way to edit captions. If not, don't worry; just delete admin.php and use another method for editing your captions.

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